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 Honor Guards — our personal army

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Below is the full definition of what it means to be an Honor Guard; the synopsis has been provided for an overview, but reading the full explanation is encouraged:
1) Honor guards must be set up offensively.
2) Honor guards must carry out orders of attacks against individuals and groups given by the council members.
3) Attacks should only be done when profitable.
4) If an honor guard has objection to an order, they may voice dissent, but cannot use the faction box for this.

v. 1.0
The Honor Guard consists of the offensive players who will work to right wrongs against those who work to hurt our faction. Just because you are set up offensively does not mean you are in the honor guard, so most players are not expected to carry out the duties of the honor guard. The list of duties is to be understood as extensive; as such, the list is likely to change upon new circumstances. It is suggested one save the list of duties one adheres to, as each change of duties will be forwarded to all active honor guards, and they can choose whether to adopt the new duties, or continue to adhere to the list they held before the change. If you adopt a new duties list, it is suggested you save that list so you may refer to that if there are questions on whether you are fulfilling your duties.

Honor Guard duties: The main purpose of the Honor Guard is to enact systematic strikes against others.
1) Attacks against Individuals: The honor guard will carry out attacks on opponents deemed* aggressors** against our faction.
1a) Players that are deemed to be specifically targeting Honorable Warriors with malicious intentions.
1b) Players that have attacked a single member of our faction excessively will also receive retribution.
1c) Players that are leading an attack against Honorable Warriors. This is an alternative to attacks against groups. If there is a personal feud between the leader of a group and us, and we feel that the followers of the group are either ignorant of the situation or are being coerced into attacking, then we may focus only on the head of the group, and leave the rest of the group alone.

2) Attacks against Groups: The Honor Guard will attack various forms of groups.
2a) Formal groups of people that have taken malicious action against our faction. This can be either Noble Houses or Factions. Strikes may be carried out against any member of that group, unless otherwise noted.
2b) Informal groups of people that have taken malicious action against our faction. If it has been deemed that a group of people that is not formally recognized by Lords has been targeting Honorable Warriors, attacks may be issued against them as well. An example of this type of group would be a certain ranking within another faction, or an officially recognized group within another faction (such as the Honor Guard). If there is no way to tell whether a specific person is in a targeted group, a list will be made of suspected members of that group.
2c) Factions we are currently competing with. This is heavily optional, but focusing one's normal attacks against specific factions can help us to gain an advantage over them. Discretion must be made, though, as we may enact an unwanted war with another faction, so this will be on the back-burner, and only done when deemed necessary.

3) Sacrificing Personal Score: The duties of the Honor Guard is more important than the personal score of individual honor guards; however, attacks should only be made against those who are profitable; thus, your focus in attacks should be on our targets, but honor guards should only attack those they will get at least 4 glory from, and have a chance of getting 10,000 gold from.

4) Obey Orders: The honor guards are to obey the orders given to them, and may be stricken from rank if shown not to be following them. This may be done by asking for a copy of your attack history, in which case honor guards are obligated to reveal it. If one finds objection to a current order, they may privately or publicly voice their dissent. Private dissent can be done through PM's in-game, but public dissent is to be carried out on the forum and not in the faction box. During discussion on the merit of a target, a questioning honor guard is not required to carry out that specific duty; however, if it is ultimately deemed a just order, and the honor guard refuses to carry out orders, they may be discharged from the Honor Guard.

The order of attack is as follows, from most important to least important:
1a, 1c
2a, 2b
1b, 2c

* The decision of who should be targeted is made by the council. Take orders from no-one but those who are in charge of the Honor Guard.
** Aggressors will be those who are: a) excessively attacking to the point where it could not be seen as coincidental; or b) those who are doing things to hurt the faction, such as trying to recruit from our faction, or launching a smear campaign.
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Honor Guards — our personal army
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