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 Technology Tree from Strat

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Technology Tree from Strat Empty
PostSubject: Technology Tree from Strat   Technology Tree from Strat EmptyWed May 26, 2010 2:45 am

Everyone save coronation, Masonry, distinguised court, and Elite training for the end of the round.

Heavy swords:attack +100%
Tax collector:+2gold/pop
Chainmail:attack&defence +50%
Fortifications:defence +100%
Diamond mine:+3 diamonds/day
Power of basic formation:more pikemen than enemy 8% weaponry

Improved harvesting:+2pop/day
Scholarship:tech cost -10%
Architecture:palace cost -20%
Hidden treasure:+10000 gold immediately
Talented generals:general cost -20%
New trade routes:+1 trade slot
Technological advantage:each tech increase attack&defense +2%

Coronation:GLORY +20% immediately & +1pop/day
Lance formation:attack +50%
Shield formation:defence +50%
Jeweller:AutoBuy 1 diamond/hour
Questionable loyalty:Palace not downgraded on sovereign betrayal
Large villages:Overcrowding decreased
Lead by example:Increase change of gain TE in battle(general power)
Food storage:+2pop/day
Tax office:+2Gold/pop
Jeweller apprentice:AutoBuy 1 Diamond/hour
Improved marketplaces:3merchants/2marketplaces
Learn from mistakes:Can gain TE even on battle loss
Advantage of maneuverability:pop less than foe, get +5% leadership(if 2X smaller pop +20% leadership)
Double axes:Axemen(attack 2, defence 2).

Platemail:attack&defence +25%
Thick walls:Triple wall effect
Improved battering rams:Triple Ram effect
Migration:+20pop immediately
Treachery:can attack people who gave you gift
Plenty of gifts:Extra +2gifts to send/day
Born warriors:TE cost -10%

Elite training:+50 TE immediately
Battlefield supremacy:Ignore enemy ThickWalls&ImprovedRams" & +5% leadership bonus
Merchants guild:+10 merchants
Large towns:Overcrowding decreased
University construction: Uni cost -10%
Training in battle:Increase change of gaining TE in battle
Knighthood:Knight attack&defense +1

Advanced units:Get Swordmasters&Crossbowmen
New trade commodities:+1 merchant per 10techs
Travelling merchants: +1 merchant per 50pop
Honourable gift: +1Glory per gift sent
Power of axe formation:More axemen than enemy knights, get +5% weaponry
Knights chamber:3knights/2palace
Metallurgy:Weaponry +10%

Masonry:+3Palace immediately
Distinguished court:GLORY +10% & +1palace immediately
General's advantage:Leadership +10% (extra +10 if general more than enemy)
Prodigality:Bragging Badge
Large cities:Overcrowding decreased
Flexibility:Units with 0attack get +1 attack/Units with 0defence get +1 defence
Quartermaster:Only need 1/2 barracks
Troubadours guild:Troubadours chance +5%

Extreme prodigality:Bragging Badge
Large metropolises: Overcrowding decreased.
Abundance:Immediately +100 turns & +10 gifts
Royal reinforcements:+15 pikemen & +5knights
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Technology Tree from Strat Empty
PostSubject: new tech for round 20   Technology Tree from Strat EmptySat Jun 19, 2010 10:54 am

Cheap Blacksmiths: [univ 6] blacksmiths are 10% cheaper
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Technology Tree from Strat
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