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 Tie Breaker Quiz

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PostSubject: Tie Breaker Quiz   Tie Breaker Quiz EmptySat Jun 19, 2010 10:29 am

LordsFan2 has a pop of 624, economy spec with all possible tax boost techs, univ 9, max possible mills. He has all the techs in the game with the exception of the 4 end of round techs and the 2 prodigality techs. 10 seconds before the tick, his gold was 2035. 10 seconds after the tick, his gold was 21301. What is his palace level?

scroll down for answer

reversing the tax formula and solving for palace level yields the following:

Palace= 50*{[tax-800-mills*100]/pop/K -1}

Tax is the post-tick gold minus the pre-tick gold PLUS 1100 (from jeweler apprentice tech)(this was the trick)= 20366

Now solving the equation will yield 50*{(20366-7000)/9/624 -1}=69

Palace level is 69.

This is an educational activity that now teaches you that you can tell the exact palace level of a player by observing pre- and post-tick gold and his pop and taking a guess at his techs (if it is end of round, K will be either 7 or 9 cuz everybody bought their tax techs) so u try 7 or 9 and the one that yields a perfect non-decimal palace level is the correct one. don't forget to consider possibility of jeweler techs Smile
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Tie Breaker Quiz
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