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 Strategy Guide- version 1.2

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Strategy Guide- version 1.2 Empty
PostSubject: Strategy Guide- version 1.2   Strategy Guide- version 1.2 EmptySat Jun 19, 2010 11:12 am

Early Game: this assumes you are starting at the beginning of the round. If you start mid round, this does not apply as there will be plenty of gold available and therefore, you can ignore the part about saving turns and you may proceed at a faster pace (ie may do the missions of 2-3 days in one day)

1-Do NOT use ANY turns; NONE (a complete waste of turns as there is not enough gold yet)
2- Upgrade your palace to level 2 only and stop (needed to pass daily laws)
3- Buy few walls, univ 1 &2, 6 libraries, few blacksmiths, the necessary barracks, and do few general trainings.
4- Buy 1 Knight for total of two knights and buy swordmen to complete your army.
5- Buy the following techs in the following order: taxation, tax collector, improved harvesting, scholarship, talented generals
6- Again do Not be tempted to use your turns
7- Buying 1 or 2 marketplaces is optional

1- continue to save turns. The only exception is if you catch a target while he is attacking and with a lot of gold; but you have to be super quick. Do it only if you know what you're doing; otherwise, just save your turns
2- Buy university 3 (you'll have to save for it)
3- Add what you can of these techs: food storage, heavy swords, double axes
4- keep adding walls, rams, barracks, blacksmiths, general training
5- keep palace at 2
6- you can do some military training if you want
7- with all above, your score should continue to be relatively low

1- Save gold for univ 4 and buy it
2- You should start practicing early round hunting. This is a challenging skill, You want to catch other players while they are attacking and accumulating gold and hit them before they spend it. It is hard to teach this skill. Basically you need to use the attack page (or search function if u hava parliament) and keep moving back and forth thru 4-5 pages that have players with scores starting at 1/3 your score and higher. You keep doing that until these pages are in your visual memory and keep an eye for any player that shows activity (gold changing). Once u see that u focus on that player and keep refreshing for a while to see if he will attack and accumulate gold. if he does and goes over 20k gold, u attack very quickly then buy diamonds then click on him again to see if he is still attacking. Try it out Smile

Technology Notes:

1- Make sure you have power of basic formation and make sure you keep at least 5-8% of your army as pikemen to get that bonus.
2- Buy power of axe formation and keep some axemen. You need to have more axemen than enemy knights to benefit from this tech. Consider having 30+ axemen by day 5, 45+ by day 10, and 60+ by day 15. Early in the game, you can estimate the enemy palace level from its drawing. Knights can be up to 150% +5. Example if palace level is 30, you can expect 30*1.5+5=50 knights.
3- Never buy the following 4 techs till the last day of the round. You get max benefit when you delay them till the end: Coronation, Elite Training, Masonary, & Distinguished Court.
4- Make an effort to quickly get the following techs: battlefield supremacy (univ 5), metallergy (univ 6), and General's Advantage (univ 7). These 3 are a priority.

General Advice:
1- Never attack low score farms (lower than 1/3 of your score) regardless of how much gold they have. You will lose too much glory if you do that.
2- Advancing your general to eventually 50% should be an early priority. It HAS to go all the way to 50 (49 is NOT good enough).
3- Aim for a total of 40-50 blacksmiths.
4- Avoid the most common noob mistake: trying to get your score up early on. You actually should struggle to keep your score down early on. While your score is low, work on training your general, buying rams/barracks/libraries/universities. Military training is an allowed exception.
5- If you have military specialization, buy 2000+ barracks to get the related bonus (ignore the message that says you have enough barracks). If you don't have that spec, then only buy 100-200 extra barracks beyond your army needs.
6- Aim for at least 1500 rams. I prefer 2500+ rams.
7- Buying walls depends on your strategy. You can play defensive and buy 3000-5000 walls or you can completely ignore walls and save that money and depend on your military power and other bonuses for defense.
8- After buying univ 7 and buying General's Advantage tech from it, stop and do not buy univ 8 & 9 until you advance your general to the 50% max.[b]
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Strategy Guide- version 1.2
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