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 Honorable Warriors Hall of Fame-Contests

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PostSubject: Honorable Warriors Hall of Fame-Contests   Honorable Warriors Hall of Fame-Contests EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 3:26 pm

Contest ran from day75-day76 of round 20

points were awarded on 3 areas
1-Gold (10k 2points, 9999 gold or less 1 point)
2-glory gained (6 glory or higher 2 points, 5 glory or less 1 point)
bonus-if you attacked GTI faction member (0.5 points)

1st place: Exfortuna-461 points
2nd place: Reddragon17-416.5 points
3rd place: Risky1-413.5 points

Congratulations to the winners!!! The Champions of this contest will have their place in the new Hall of Fame in the Honorable Warriors website.

Other honorable mentions:

4th: Toram_von_Ilyena-149.5 points
5th: Fzukov-148 points
6th: Redsaa-146 points
7th: Wolfus-127 points
8th: Damian1238-125 points
9th: Alisza-124.5 points
10th: Kaylina-79 points

Thank you for everyone who participated. There will be more contests in the future. Keep up the good work! Very Happy
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Honorable Warriors Hall of Fame-Contests
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