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 Internet parodies/comedies

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Internet parodies/comedies Empty
PostSubject: Internet parodies/comedies   Internet parodies/comedies EmptySun Jun 27, 2010 7:57 pm

Here's a list of parodies/comedies I like:

yugioh abridged (childrens card games!!!)
DBZ abridged (they're not too far with the series yet, but so far it is great)
There will be Brawl(SSBB parody, PG-13, maybe R(considering what kids today see it's hard to tell))
The Guild (internet series about a guilds online and offline interactions, very funny)
Legend of Neil (Zelda parody, neil gets sucked into the game and hyrulian hijinks ensue)
Dr Horrible(this one isn't a series, it's more of a movie split into 3 parts. it is awesome and worth checking out)

Be warned though, not one of these is for a young audience. Watch at your own discretion.

And with that being said, anyone have more?
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Internet parodies/comedies
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