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 My tech buying order from round 19

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My tech buying order from round 19 Empty
PostSubject: My tech buying order from round 19   My tech buying order from round 19 EmptySat Jun 19, 2010 5:56 pm

This is the round i won Smile
I started it with attacking up (low palace) till half round while saving my gold then switched to attacking down and high palace at mid-round. I recorded the order in which I bought techs and certain other events during that round. Since I ended up winning the round, I thought this may serve as a good guide. In retrospect, I find now I did some minor mistakes in the tech order but nonetheless, it is still pretty good. Enjoy:

1- Taxation
2- Tax collector
3- Improved harvesting
4- Scholarship
5- Talented Generals
6- New trade routes
7- Food Storage
8- Tax Office
9- Double Axes
10- Heavy Swords
11- Chainmail
12- Improved Battering Rams
13- Migration
14- Large Villages
15- Battlefield Supremacy
16- University Construction
17- Plenty of Gifts
18- Power of Basic Formation
19- City Planning (Construction)
20- Honorable Gift\
21- General's Advantage
22- Large Towns
23- Constructor's Enthusiasm
24- Advanced Units
25- Lance Formation
26- Platemail
27- Architecture
28- Large Cities
29- Born Warriors
30- Metallurgy
31- Power of Axe Formation
32- Lead by Example
***Stop at this point at univ 7 and get your general to 50% then buy univ 8 & 9 ***
33- Royal Reinforcements
*** buy second specialization: economy ***
34- Sales Tax
35- Training in battle
36- Troubadours Guild
37- Technological Advantage
38- Large Metropolis (when pop>300)
***switch to high palace and attack down strategy when you have saved 6-7 million gold; get your palace to above 55 ***
39- Knighthood
40- Knights Chamber
41- Flexibility
42- Merchants Guild
43- Tax Collectors Enthusiasm
44- Fortifications

I stopped recording at this point but the rest is fairly straightforward. All techs were bought by the end of round due to their score value.
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My tech buying order from round 19
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